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While the physical, pychological, and emotional benefits are well known in the East, and are apparent to even casual practitioners, western scientific research remains sparse.  Research is especially lacking in the case of long term practitioners. We hope to collect and catalogue relevant studies/articles as they come to our attention.  If you find an interesting study and would like us to add it to our site, please send it to [email protected]. 

We recently found the following site which does a nice job of capturing and organizing Tai Chi research and articles:




Collection of research findings from the National Institute of Health (NIH)


Tai Chi and Parkinsons - July 2012


New England Journal of Medicine - Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia - August 2010


Summary of Published Scientific Studies Conducted Using Dr. Yang’s Evidence-Based Taiji (EBTTM) and Qigong Program - August 2008




Peter Wayne, Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, has compiled a number of studies/articles which can be found by clicking here.  Some of the more interesting pieces are listed below:


Researchers Study Tai Chi Benefits - Havard Magazine Jan-Feb 2010


The Effect of Tai Chi Exercise on Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review - Spring 2008


The Effects of Tai Chi on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review - 2007


Tai Chi Vestibular Rehabilitation Improve Vestibulopathic Gait via Different Neuromuscular Mechanisms:  Preliminary Report - February 2005


Can Tai Chi Improve Vestibulopathic Postural Control? - January 2004


Tai Chi and Vestibular Rehabilitation Effects on Gaze and Whole-body Stability -  2004


Electrical Properties of Acupuncture Points and Meridians: A Systematic Review - 2008




Elderly's Restless Nights Helped By Ancient Martial Art - June 2008


Tai Chi Helps Stroke Victims Improve Balance - March 2009


Abstract: Effects of a Sun-style Tai Chi Exercise on Motivation and the Performance of Health Behaviors in Older Women with Osteoarthritis - 2003


Tai chi helps cut pain of knee arthritis: study


How T'ai Chi could help diabetics control their sugar levels - 2008


Study: Tai Chi helps balance - 2009